Ewes In Lamb

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2012 – Ewes In-Lamb (Carl) 6 Aug 12

Ewe Timing 2011 2010 2009 2008 2007
604 early ER RR RR R R
613 early ER RR R R
616 middle ER ER ER ER
704 early ER EE R R
705 middle ER ER RR
717 early R EE EE R
904 early R
906 middle R
911 early ER
915 dry?
917 middle E
919 early E R
922 early RR
923 latest R
928 middle E
933 early R
934 early R
946 middle R
003 middle
007 latest
009 early
019 latest
040 middle
043 early

About Ian

I am a New Zealand and EC citizen, living and working in Hastings in the North Island of New Zealand. On March 5th in 2004 I retired from exactly 30 years with IBM UK Ltd, working in the Hursley software development lab near Winchester in the south of England. I am now an IBM Distinguished Engineer emeritus, working to my own agenda while retaining access to my colleagues and information inside IBM.
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