Photos Of The Refurbished Orchard Back Fence

  • The gate onto McNab road with extra padlock mending the chain.
  • Distinctive railings put in some time back to allow easy climbing of fence when gates are locked.
  • Extra (fifth) batten added between each pair of posts and broken battens replaced.
  • Railings replaced at southern (Scott’s boundary) end.
  • Gate went up-hill; hinge side strainer straightened so gate now parallel with ground.

About Ian

I am a New Zealand and EC citizen, living and working in Hastings in the North Island of New Zealand. On March 5th in 2004 I retired from exactly 30 years with IBM UK Ltd, working in the Hursley software development lab near Winchester in the south of England. I am now an IBM Distinguished Engineer emeritus, working to my own agenda while retaining access to my colleagues and information inside IBM.
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