Lambs Drenched and Put Into (Part Of) The Orchard

I put up electric fence on the edge of the peach block nearest us. The verge there is quite wide and has lots of grass and mallow and other sheepish weeds. Karola and I then drenched all 49 lambs (Cydectin, meat withholding ten days) and I put them in this verge strip where they’ll stay over the weekend.  I noted that some of the lambs are quite enormous now – they’ve had abundant food for months – and so maybe Karola’s idea of selling some before she goes to England is a good one.

About Ian

I am a New Zealand and EC citizen, living and working in Hastings in the North Island of New Zealand. On March 5th in 2004 I retired from exactly 30 years with IBM UK Ltd, working in the Hursley software development lab near Winchester in the south of England. I am now an IBM Distinguished Engineer emeritus, working to my own agenda while retaining access to my colleagues and information inside IBM.
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