“Pipplings” is a web journal acting as a personal aide-memoire of conversations with colleagues and friends. I choose the topics because they interest me.

“Pipplings” was seeded with electronic exchanges, beginning in 2007, between Scribbler, Humphrey, Bertie, and Egghead. I am “Scribbler”; the others are known by their own anonymising pen-names.

Back in 2007 Egghead mused: Maybe we should form an ‘Idea of the Month Club’ to keep our minds flexible? i.e. take a topical idea and pull it apart for a few weeks and see what survives intellectual rigour. There are plenty of candidates.

If Egghead still thinks his idea has merit well here’s one place we could have the discussions.

The “Pipplings” site is public but it isn’t publicised. To start with I expect to be the only person able to add material. This protects the site from unwanted modification and spam postings. Who will want to read “Pipplings”? I suspect at most it will be a subset of the voices providing the pipplings, and that’s OK.